Returned from another exciting & Informative trip from Puglia, Italy. 

Fun filled adventures from touring wineries, olive groves, castles & ruins to enjoying all the wonderful wines, foods & culture of the region.

We are ready to go back!

Are you ready for our next trip?  YES!

May 2019

Sharon, Dom & Jeannie

When I saw Pat’s pictures from his last trip here, I was very intrigued. I couldn’t wait to travel to Italy myself

I never imagined all that this trip would entail. All of the wonderful places we visited, the beautiful Masseria where we stayed and the excellent attention to detail were more, much more than I anticipated.

Every want and need were met with grace and then some.

Thank you for the trip of a lifetime.


Marsha, Ohio

May 21, 2019

My dear Sharon and Dom & Jeannie 

Here I am sitting in the very spot I sat on our very first eve. You have become family to me…both of you! 

I not only wanted to do this trip, but also had to do this trip to prove to myself I could do it without my Johnny. 

He would be so proud of me and he would absolutely love the three of you…your encompassing warmth and caring ways. 

I learned so much about the Puglia area, but I love, loved our camaraderie and how everyone has helped me keep up. I truly hope you’ll be a part of my life and we’ll share times in the future! 

Love you ….Linda, Ohio

May 21, 2019

To my dear friends at Pop-Up-Trips

Grazie Mille! This was a wonderful trip. You planned a fantastic tour of Puglia, a real treat. The experiences, the sites, the tastes were all magical. For my first trip to Italy, it was all that I hoped for and more. You are all so gracious and welcoming. Thank you for taking care of us and introducing us to your home. 

With deep appreciation,

 Corey, New Jersey

 21 May 2019

Dear Sharon, Dom and Jeannie, my new family! 

This was a trip of a lifetime and I am forever grateful to you for all of your hours and months of planning. It was everything I had hoped it would be. I wanted to see “Old Italyl” to go back in time and this region totally did that. I became very attached to the Trullis, and to our Masseria, and was so happy to “come home” each night after a very full and joyous day. Ok  basta for me.

Ciao for now,   Lisa, New Hampshire   

Patrick, Ohio - While on a trip to Rome this past January, I had the opportunity to join a Pop Up Trips tour of the Puglia region of Italy,  the boot of the Italian peninsula. Rome, the Vatican, Colosseum, and usual suspects were overwhelmingly wonderful but time in Puglia was the highlight of my first trip to Italy. 

We toured Bari and little towns along the Adriatic coastline. Charming and beautiful are understatements. The fresh, local seafood was fabulous and the full-bodied Primitivo wines have become a favorite.

Our hosts were knowledgeable, kind, patient and fun, making our small, intimate group feel like family!  While I have a large bucket list, Puglia is at the top of my list for a return visit. 

Katia, NY - Just want to say THANK YOU for this amazing experience. There are so many reasons to thank you. Well-organized yet flexible, lovely choices of towns and villages (delicious food, wonderful wines), attention to details and our needs/wants are only a few of the things we appreciated.

You made our trip relaxing yet fun. And the masseria was the most stunning of accommodations. Really liked that we covered a lot of territory in a relaxed fashion but were able to return to the same place at the end of the day, have a glass of wine, talk and laugh with our small group and sometimes take a dip in the gorgeous pool.  We will be back!! Save our place!! 

Allison, Florida - Having never been to Italy, I was torn between Tuscany and your trip to Puglia.  I am so glad I chose the beautiful area of Southern Italy.  You exposed me to the REAL Italy.  I was reluctant to travel alone but your team and the small group made me feel so very comfortable.  I'm recommending this to my friends!! Thanks a lot.

Ed H., Florida - Although I totally enjoyed the local wine, food and festivals, for me the highlight of the tour was historic in nature.  I enjoyed learning about the ancient town of Alberobello where the conical roofs of the houses were often removed when the tax collector came around (only structures with roofs were taxed).  In Matera (where Gibson filmed Passion of Christ), it was amazing to learn that people actually lived in caves dug into the mountain until 1952!  So glad I didn't miss the beautiful baroque buildings of Lecce.  

Our hosts were very knowledgeable and made every experience fun and enlightening. Thanks so much.  I would definitely go again.  

Samantha, Ohio - WOW, WOW, WOW.   That is the only way I can express this life fufilling trip.  I know that Puglia  has been  "discovered" by the media.  I am just glad I had the opportunity to see it before it becomes too touristy.  I too would love to buy a place here.  I should play the lottery.  Thank you for your lovely hospitality and knowledge of this "hidden...but not for long" part of Italy.