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"Why Italy...Why Now"



 We at PopUpTrips , want to be clear: This is not an off-the-rack tourist trek. We've designed it with our guests in mind, and we can assure you: Nothing else like this exists. We like to think of it as a group tour for folks who don't necessarily think of themselves as "GROUP TOUR" people. We know you'll be impressed. 

** This is Your Special Invitation **

Explore Sophisticated, Historic, Sun-Drenched Italy with Us to...
Discover, in Person, Southern Italy, Puglia.

We have room for only 14 participants total. We expect this program to be very popular—so reserve your place ASAP.

We encourage you to take a few minutes to click through our site now and consider the itinerary and details. If you're interested in joining us, traveling with our Italy correspondents—and we hope you will be—please claim your place immediately.

Why Italy now?  

The answer to this question is simple...and compelling:

Golden, sun-drenched beaches..windswept plains...tidy town squares boasting fountains carved hundreds of years ago...cafes with tables set in the shade of umbrellas...cosmopolitan cities filled with theaters, museums, art and music...

Old World Europe is rich with history and saturated with beauty. And it's not just the surroundings that beckon...

It's the food and drink as well—just-caught sea food grilled with lemon, garlic, and olive oil...fresh cheeses made from sheep and goat milk...puff pastries and custard tarts.

And then there are the wines... Italy's fortified wines in a vast range of reds and whites to suit any taste.

You'll find Old World traditions in the lively festivals...and in the music , and the dance of the invigorating Tarantella...

Yet, for all the stimulating distractions, the day-to-day pace of life in this part of the world is slow enough to savor it all...

Especially Italy's hospitality!


About Us

Our Background


We are travel junkies!

We are also educators who have been conducting trips to destinations around the world.  Since one of us was born in the Puglia region, we are excited to share its beauty.  

Why Puglia? Why Now?


For years, the Puglia region has been a "best-kept" secret.  According to Luxury Travel Magazine: the A-List of Travel, celebrities and royalty have been flocking to the area.  

February of this year the Bari airport extended runways to accommodate planes from Dubai, et al.  

Come now...... before the crowds!!

2019 Puglia Trips


A few places on our travel vacation packages:



Martina Franca

Castellana Grotte

Polignano a Mare



Trani - Castel del Monte



and more..

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